Doctoral Dissertations

Student Dissertation Title
Patrick Xiao Optoelectronics for Refrigeration and Analog Circuits for Combinatorial Optimization
Andrew Michaels A Hierarchical Approach to the Design and Optimization of Photonics
Michael Roe Link-Adaptive Antenna Systems
Greggory Scranton Optical Design: from Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography to Thermo-Photovoltaics
Kevin Messer Optical Antenna Enhanced Spontaneous Emission in Semiconductors
Christopher Lalau Keraly Optimizing Nanophotonics: from Photoreceivers to Waveguides
Vidya Ganapati Optical Design Considerations for High Conversion Efficiency in Photovoltaics
Samarth Bhargava Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording: Fundamental Limits to Inverse Electromagnetic Design
Alex Hegyi Nanodiamond Imaging: a New Molecular Imaging Approach
Nikhil Kumar Spontaneous Emission Rate Enhancement Using Optical Antennas
Owen Miller Photonic Design: From Fundamental Solar Cell Physics to Computational Inverse Design
Sapan Agarwal Reinventing the PN Junction: Dimensionality Effects on Tunneling Switches
Matteo Staffaroni Circuit Analysis in Metal-Optics, Theory and Applications
Xi Luo Transistor-Based Ge/SOI Photodetector for Integrated Silicon Photonics
Shantha Vedantam Focusing Light on the Nanoscale: A Novel Plasmonic-Lens Design
Japeck Tang Darkfield Imaging with a Plasmonic Focusing Lens: Antenna Theory for Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopes
Subal Sahni Highly integrated Germanium Photo-detectors and III-V Hybrid Lasers for Silicon Photonic Applications
Thomas Szkopek Quantum Information with Semiconductor Electron Spins
Joshua Conway Efficient Optical Coupling to the Nanoscale
Deepak Sethu Rao A Single-Photon Detector based on the principle of Photoconductive Gain
Adithyaram Narasimha RF Photonic Transmission Systems and Low Loss Grating Couplers for SOI Nanophotonic Integrated Circuits.
Jaione Tirapu Azpiroz Analysis and Modeling of Photomask Near-Fields in Sub-wavelength Deep Ultraviolet Lithography with Optical Proximity Corrections
Ivan Alvarado-Rodriguez Fabrication of Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Single-Defect Cavities and their Characterization by Elastic Scattering
Romulo Broas Experimental Characterization of High Impedance Electromagnetic Surfaces in the Microwave Frequency Regime
Misha Boroditsky Modification of Spontaneous Emission in Photonic Crystals
Cedric Lam Multi-wavelength Optical Code-Division-Multiple-Access Communication Systems
Dan Sievenpiper High-Impedance Electromagnetic Surfaces

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