Photonic Crystals

The original discovery of Photonic Crystals was reviewed by Yablonovitch in his popular SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN article. Today, Photonic Crystals appear in many areas of science, technology, medicine, and as a product of nature in the biological world.

Silicon Nano-Photonic Integrated Circuits (commercialized by Luxtera)

Specialty Photonic Crystal Optical Fibers (commercialized by NKT Photonics)

Photonic Bandgap Fibers for Precision Surgery and Cancer Therapy (commercialized by OmniGuide)

Photonic Crystal Enhanced Light Emitting Diodes (commercialized by Lumileds, also see EERE)

Photonic Crystal Microwave Cavities for High Energy Particle Accelerators (see Cowan et. al.)

Peacocks (see CERN Courier and Li et. al.)

Butterflies with photonic crystal wing scales (see RSC)

Weevil with a diamond-like photonic crystal structure (see MIT Tech. Review)

Sea mouse spines (see Parker et al. Other images from The University of Sydney)

Chameleon skin (see Teyssier et al. Images from BBC)

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